About Us – ACTH

About Us

At the Australian College of Training in Hospitality we are committed to excellence in providing soft skills training. We will dedicate our resources and skills in such a way so that our learners will have access to a great learning platform.

ACTH will facilitate high quality Australian short courses & soft skills to upskilling the Sri Lankan hospitality workforce. The learners will have the opportunity to study in Sri Lanka & work in the local industry or in the region.

ACTH is associated with providing soft skills at our training center in Negombo and also providing residential short courses for hotels islandwide. At ACTH we believe that skills upgrade is about optimism. Optimism is about realising that armed with a good skill set anyone can make a difference and have an impact. Have an impact on their families, the village, the town and of course then the country. This is why we are so passionate about hope – The hope for a better day, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better future and hope to build better people and better nations through upgrading the workforce skills.

Australian College of Training in Hospitality believe that upskilling hospitality staff by providing residential workshop opportunities are also important as a result we provide traineeships for learners. Our skilled lecturers are internationally qualified and posses extensive work experience in this industry.

All the Hospitality short courses offered at ACTH are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality to ensure high quality and standards in the content and lecture’s provided to deliver the course successfully. Due to this affiliation with Institute of Hospitality for endorsed short courses the recognition of the certification received by a successful learner is globally recognised, especially when obtaining employment overseas or locally.

We at ACTH provide Australian short courses obtained from the SIT Hospitality training package under the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) standards which ensures consistency in quality & high standards with the soft skills we are delivering to the learner.

Our Initiative is to support the delivery of flexible learning by adopting a blended learning approach through developing hospitality programs that develop skills in all regions of Sri Lanka.

At the heart of our existence will be the commitment to our labour-force. ACTH is established on a foundation of unparalleled learners experiences, leading innovation Industrial relevancy.