Digital Marketing for Hospitality Professionals

Australian College of Training in Hospitality (ACTH), a reputed institute in  Negombo, is encouraging travel, tourism & hospitality professionals to pursue their aspirations in the industry by moving into a Digital Age in the backdrop of COVID-19.

The new Digital Marketing Training Course offered for industry professional’s can be undertaken at your own convenience through LearnSmart eLearning Platform. ACTH has partnered with a well-recognised University McGraw Hill USA to access the learning & assessing material through a LearnSmart Connect Platform. In addition ACTH is registered with the Tertiary Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in Sri Lanka. Furthermore the training offered at ACTH is internationally recognised as the material sourced from the Australian Qualifications Framework Training Package (AQF), and is on par with the local industry requirements. The duration of the Digital Marketing Course is two months in which participants learn how to use effective social media platforms such as Tweeter, YouTube, Facebook snap chat & Instagram to tap into new markets by connecting with their potential customer base 24/7 through Posts, blogs, Forums & Reviews. Passionate professionals in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry now have the opportunity to enrol themselves through the ACTH website.

Author: Peter R Fernando

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