Course Evaluation Survey

Thank you for filling out this course evaluation. Your feedback is essential for us to make improvements to the course.


    Date of Training

    1. Overall, how would you rate the course? ExcellentVery goodGoodFairPoor

    2. How convenient was the time that the course was held? Extremely convenientVery convenientSomewhat convenientNot so convenientNot at all convenient

    3. How useful was the course material? Extremely usefulVery usefulSomewhat usefulNot so usefulNot at all useful

    4. How clearly did your instructor explain the course material? Extremely clearlyVery clearlySomewhat clearlyNot so clearlyNot at all clearly

    5. Was the speed with which your instructor presented the course material too fast, too slow, or about right? Much too fastToo fastThe right amountToo slowMuch too slow

    6. How well did your instructor answer students’ questions? Extremely wellVery wellSomewhat wellNot so wellNot at all well

    7. How comfortable did you feel voicing your opinions in class?Extremely comfortableVery comfortableSomewhat comfortableNot so comfortableNot at all comfortable

    8. How helpful were the workbook activities for you to successfully complete the final test? Extremely helpfulVery helpfulSomewhat helpfulNot so helpfulNot at all helpful

    9. What improvements would you make to the class?

    10. Were there any of the aspects of the training in particularly you liked?