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    • Technological Innovations Boost Digital Transformation of Education
      Twenty first century learning is the accumulation of knowledge, work habits and soft skills, including digital literacy, critical thinking and problem solving, that will help students lead successful careers in the modern workplace. In an era of challenges faced due to pandemic that had slowed down the development of future generations or the talent required for global growth, Huawei Sri Lanka’s Enterprise Business Group Vice President Indika De Zoysa recently pointed out that fortunately with digital technologies today’s education sector is on a clear pathway and experiencing a profound change whilst speeding the efficiency of management. He elaborated that students are expected to develop skills soft skills and digital literacy whilst producing content for their classes and that this mode of learning accounts for an increasingly digital learning landscape, where students depend on accessing information via the internet and relying on virtual classrooms for content delivery. Both teachers and students are now leveraging technological innovations to enhance their learning whilst various kinds of content have emerged based on internet and other digital technologies developments that…
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    • The Importance of Online Teacher Training
      Amid the pandemic, demand for online education  services have risen greatly, a report by Google, Bain and Temasek on Southeast Asia's internet economy has found. Southeast Asians are using more educational apps than before the crisis, while usage of the major education apps have tripled. Tech investments are shifting to these budding sector, with edtech startup investment in 2019 getting three times of funding levels in 2018. Overall, the region's digital economy is on track to cross $300 billion by 2025. (LinkedIn News Editor November 2020) ONLINE TEACHER TECH TRAINING ACTH Institute has recognized the importance and the influence the online world has on teaching. The newly introduced Online Teacher Tech Training exposes educators to online teaching and provides assistance on navigating through multiple online platforms that would prove beneficial to the Educational institute, teacher and student. The course is available on both Weekdays and Weekends for anyone who is keen on polishing up their teaching skills and embracing the digital world. Author: Peter R Fernando
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    • The Importance of Social Media
      Source: Global Insight 2020 Out of the current global population of 7.79 billion there were 4.57 billion who used the Internet & out of this 3.96 billion were active on social media platforms in 2020.   Source: Global Insight 2020 The number of active social media users seem to be growing annually at an increased rate of +10.5%, out of this 3.91 billion users accessed social media through a mobile device. Businesses seriously opt to consider the potential of this ever growing social media phenomenon to connect & engage with potential customers. Source: Global Insight 2020 It is interesting to examine the increase of user activity online & in the digital domain which prevailed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also evident from the statistical data above that during the pandemic 54% of users on the internet view video streaming sites to watch movies. Followed by 43% users engaged on social media platforms, whereas 42% users used the messenger services and 37% listened to music streaming services.   Source: Statista and TNW (2019) The graph above…
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