Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials


My name is Shehan: I am privileged to be taking part in the training at the Australian College of Training in Hospitality completing the eight (8) days soft skills program. I am leaving to Switzerland on the 25th of September 2017 and did these short courses to obtain six (6) certificates in the Hospitality sector which will help me get a job in Switzerland when I go to do my Bachelors in Hotel Management.


My name is Ruchira: I was in the first batch at the Australian College of Training in Hospitality following the eight (8) days short course programs. I did these short courses to obtain six (6) certificates in the Hospitality sector which gives me an insight into this sector, plus the practical training provided was excellent.


My name is Kanishka: It was a exciting period for me, with your short courses. The courses were an eye opener for me to understand about the passion of hospitality industry & it was a remarkable experience. The teaching you did was excellent. You have a great knowledge and the courses were well structured. I wish you all the very best.


It was a great learning experience for me to explore the eLeaning sphere of blended learning through the Australian College of Training in Hospitality. I successfully completed the Online Marketing and Effective Use of Social Media in Business Courses offered through McGraw Hill Campus USA. I am living in USA for the last 9 years & I enrolled in these two courses to obtain knowledge in new innovative marketing & social media trends relevant to successfully promoting the business.


I learnt a great deal from the Food & Beverage practicals and job placement offered through the Australian College of Training in Hospitality. My English was not great but the trainers were very helpful in translating the content to Sinhala.


The Australian College of Training in Hospitality has excellent short courses which had quality learning material and the practical activities were team based and fun. The knowledge & training received will help me get a job when I go to New Zealand for my studies.


I have searched online for a quality training course in Food & Beverage especially Barista training which I found at the Australian College of Training in Hospitality in Negombo. The practical aspects taught with the cafe equipment such as the Espresso machine & temperature probes for frothing milk gave me an insight how to make a cappuccino & flat white. The internationally recognised certification will help me get a job when I go to Australia for my studies.  


Masterful, quick-paced interactive course offered through McGraw Hill campus. In addition, with certificate endorsed be the Institute of Hospitality, I could easily get a job in Melbourne Australia.


Mr. Reimus Meerwald, "I would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable contents delivered by ACTH Negombo, during the Hospitality training programs conducted by professor Peter Fernando. There is perfect coherence between reality one would experience at the front line and the study outcome in contrast to some study methods which don't follow a logical pattern which is helpful in forming a lasting image. Nowhere can you find so much shared intellectual property. 'GENEROUS PROFESSOR'
He and the institute deserve to be felicitated"


Excellent course. The best instructor-led course I have attended, by far. The course was exactly what I was hoping for.


This was the most successful short course that I have taken in the past five years. ... A Great Feat. Keep it up!


Best short courses ever! Compared to the other short courses I have taken, this one completely redefined my scale from 1-10.


This course was AWESOME. I came with very little knowledge of coffee making and now after doing the barista course I look forward to using it on my new job overseas.


Totally fantastic, right level, right material & highly professional trainer delivered the short courses.


It was an awesome course delivered by an extraordinary trainer. Yes, I truly admire your in-depth knowledge, approach and ideas in regards to the Soft Skills trained.


Knowledge excellent, presentation very good, can't think of any way to improve.


The course covered an incredible amount of ground in an amazingly short time. But the transitions from topic to topic were seamless, as each topic builds upon the previous one. Peter has an infectious enthusiasm for the courses he delivers and he also includes in his training humorous and interesting anecdotes.


Superb! ... Great amount of F&B information, clearly communicated and very good interaction with the trainees.


Good presentation of material geared toward the food & beverage industry. Questions that instructor asked were though provoking and resulted in a better understanding of the material.


Peter was a great instructor, very entertaining, knowledgeable, and willing to help. I found the material very applicable and got much more out of the class than I expected.


By far the most useful Food & Beverage course I have had. From the exercises to the instructor, the Barista course was excellent as we made some excellent espresso coffee.


Excellent tempo and a wealth of knowledge, with a sprinkle of humour. What more could you ask for?


The new knowledge and skills I learned was exceptional & the help provided by both trainers.


My trainer, Peter Fernando was amazing. He let me know right from the start the areas that I needed to improve.


Loved this training because of the flexibility it gave and the up to date knowledge in the industry.


The online learning resources were interactive & kept the class including myself focused.


The online portal was so simple and easy to use! I love being able to work at my own pace too, it is so suitable for someone who works full time.


The unit workbook activities were very helpful, so were the videos etc.


I was able to reconfirm my Barista skills. I have already learnt through my job and also developed new skills.


Applied for my Australian Permanent Residency and was advised to do these short courses until our visa was processed. Once completed the courses at ACTH we also received our Australian PR Visa. Wow great work ACTH thank you very much for all your help.


Great courses and valuable knowledge learnt, really rewarding once completed.


I am grateful to the staff who organised job interviews at cafes and hotels once I completed my course at ACTH I got a job in the Hospitality industry. Thank you ACTH for all your help.


The two days training was awesome as I am following another course at a different institute on the weekdays.


The weekend training was most welcome as I have a busy working schedule.


Friendly staff and great training at the ACTH institute, I travelled all the way from Panadura to Negombo for my training.


I enjoyed the class participation and interaction with the trainer, who has a wealth of knowledge in the hotel industry.


I completed 3 short courses with ACTH in the last batch. It was a truly great experience to follow those short courses in ACTH, and I would highly recommend this institute to all my friends and whoever is looking forward to follow relevant hospitality courses for a reasonable prices. Mr. Peter Fernando comes with tremendous experience in the hospitality industry and his knowledge is over the top of the subject matter. His assistant Mr. Lakshan is a very kind hearted person and he is ready to assist the students anytime to make us feel comfortable and welcome. ACTH team was flexible enough to change the dates of the classes specifically for me since i was running out of dates to leave the country for my further education which i really appreciate and rare to see such flexibility in other institutes. Wish i could get to know this place long ago. It was really worth to travel all the way from Colombo to Negombo on weekly basis and receive worldwide recognised certificates at the end. Thank you ACTH team.


I like Peter sir’s teaching style as he has good knowledge about the skills related to hospitality and always he try's to teach something new. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Peter our trainer for his effort in providing me with employability skills for this industry. I got a job after the short training course at ACTH Institute as a Barista at Coffee Bean.