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The Importance of Online Teacher Training

Amid the pandemic, demand for online education  services have risen greatly, a report by Google, Bain and Temasek on Southeast Asia's internet economy has found. Southeast Asians are using more educational apps than before the crisis, while usage of the major education apps have tripled. Tech investments are shifting to these budding sector, with edtech startup…

The Importance of Social Media

Source: Global Insight 2020 Out of the current global population of 7.79 billion there were 4.57 billion who used the Internet & out of this 3.96 billion were active on social media platforms in 2020.   Source: Global Insight 2020 The number of active social media users seem to be growing annually at an increased rate…

Commitment to Excellence in Hospitality

Amidst the bustling streets of Negombo exists the Australian College of Training in Hospitality (ACTH), an institute that has come to become a beacon of hope for all its students. Upon arriving at ACTH, we were greeted warmly by Mr. Peter R. Fernando himself, the founder of ACTH whose experience in the Hospitality industry not…

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